Spirit Week: Still Exciting?


Ashley Moore, Jr

Hope Williams and Ashley Moore enjoy Spirit Week at MHS

Sally Boese, Staff Writer

Dressing up for Spirit Week is a high school tradition that gets students involved and excited. This year, McPherson High School decided to go with the theme “road trip,” and encouraged students to participate and dress up for the each individual day. Many students seemed less enthusiastic than past years. 

I freaking hate spirit week. I was forced to participate.”

— Stuco Member

Spirit week was anticipated by some, but others dreaded the week. Many of the themes were recycled, and students were wanting something new, fun, and different from other years. One day was “Texas Tuesday,” allowing the students to dress in their country apparel. This received a lot of backlash from students, claiming that the idea was used in years past and as a student section theme at home games. It makes sense, because student council can not be expected to come up with new ideas for every event, but some themes can seem quite repetitive and can lose the interest of students if used too often. “We need it to be better next year.” – Brett Eilts, Jr.