Should High School Football come to an end?

Macy Gorsuch, Author

Football is a common sport throughout the United States that takes over many school’s, especially High Schools. Schools come together, relationships form or grow stronger, you can meet you new people, have many academic opportunities, and well, it could improve your mentality.  


The sport improves scholarships, helps kids who need something to hang on to, and much more. There is so much more to the sport than there is when compared to school alone. When I came across an article which lead to my subject of whether we should end high school football or not, I didn’t know what to think. Is It okay or is it time to bring high school football to an end? Well, I don’t think so, but I decided to ask others what they think and bring it to life in my article.  “Football can be beneficial to a child at a young age if they are properly coached and trained.” –Ashley Sauceda. “ It is a good start for young men to learn about work ethic.” –Officer Ruppert.


One thing about ending High School football is that we could quite possibly be lowering the risks of concussions, and this is the main cause of wanting to end it, well, in the eyes of others. Should it end? “If it’s causing problems due to the concussion issue, then yes.” Says Kimmy.


Have you or any of your friends played? Have you or have they ever received any concussions or injuries? If you have or they have received any injuries, what were they? “My cousin Dave had played and there quite possibly was some concussions received.” said Floyd Summers. “My friends who have played, have not received any type of concussion or any injuries.” Have there been any concussions received on the football team so far this season? “There have not been any concussions on the football team so far this year, but there are other activities that have higher chances of concussions,” said Mr. Backhus, MHS Activities Director.


Some who are not too into football may ask, why is it so wonderful? Well, there are many reasons. Some of which are listed above and some, in which, are listed right after this sentence. “I love it and the young men need the structure that they receive.”–Dustin. “I think that High School football is a great organization, a confidence builder for young men, a great way to show school spirit, and I love football.” –Kimmy. “Now, all second grade to High School coaches have to be ‘Heads Up’ or concussion certified.” –Ashley Sauceda. “Most social contact can or does come from attending football games and being involved with others.” –Floyd Summers.  “I enjoy it and it happens to bring many people together. I love High School football, and I believe that bonds and mentorships are created, which, could last for a long time.”–Mrs. McWilliams. “I believe it is an important part of education, has higher work ethic, and pushes the players to have higher grades, which, helps them get into good colleges, and there are also many benefits from all kinds of activities.” — Mr. Backhus.


I also thought that it would be a good idea to have a little information about how much the school or the state covers when there is a concussion that has occured. “There is catastrophic insurance through Kansas State High School Activities Association and there is also a $25,000 coverage for pretty severe concussions. Most of all concussion insurance or coverage depends on what the concussion is ranged to be. It can be mild to very severe.” –Mr. Backhus.


In conclusion, getting rid of High School football would become a major issue throughout the United States and in other countries beyond the U.S. border. So, should we get rid of the sport? Well, it depends on what you think as an individual. I believe that it would be a bad idea, seeing as to how they are certainly coming down on safety and making the sport a more safe experience while also having a good time, gaining scholarships, and completing high school with good grades.