McPherson VS El Dorado

Chanz Rosales

On September 18, 2018 the Mcpherson Bullpups played the El Dorado Wildcats at 5:15 at Mcpherson Stadium. The Bullpups blew the Wildcats out with the final score of 42-0.


During the game the running back Schriner ran it in for a touchdown early in the game. The offense was excelling in the run and pass game. Early in the first quarter our linebackers were shutting down the Wildcats trying to run the ball, and our corners were locking down the receivers so they couldn’t catch the ball . By half time the Pups were really dominating the Wildcats, not letting the Wildcats run the ball the defensive line was making plays in the backfield.     


So far the Bullpups season record stands at currently is 3-0 undefeated. So far the Bullpups have fought for all their wins. And will continue to fight the whole season. Some of the games have been high scoring for the Pups. But we have some challenging teams here it a week or two. Teams that will push our skills and abilities.


The McPherson Bullpups varsity has a home game at the McPherson Stadium vs Abilene at 7 pm, September 21, 2018. The JV has a game September 24, 2018 at Abilene at 5 pm.