How do you like the atmosphere here at MHS?

Hannah Wilson and Katelyn Mintzer

It’s a positive vibe and most of the time people are nice.”

— Daniel Valadez- Freshman

I hate school becuase, half of the stuff you learn is not what you’re going to use in real life.”

— Simon Boese- Freshman

It’s partly cloudy. [/pullquote

[pullquote speaker="Arriana Gross- Freshman " photo="" align="left" background="on" border="all" shadow="on"]I like it better than what they’re doing at the middle school, and I like socializing with my friends.”

— Anonymous teacher

I think it is okay, it’s definitely a place to be.”

— Connie Sinnet- teacher

I don’t like anyone, because some people are fake.”

— anonymous junior

It really just depends on the day, Mondays aren’t the best.”

— Megan Manning

It’s okay, but not the best. There are people that think they’re better than us. ”

— Analicia Rocha- freshman