AmpMe App Review

AmpMe Cover

AmpMe Cover

Hannah Wilson and Katelyn Mintzer

AmpMe app review

AmpMe was released in 2015, it is a surround sound app that is free for download and all that is required is to have a facebook or google account to log in. Turn on your location and find your friends. Find the songs you want, put your phone in your pocket and you have surround sound music.


Not everyone would want this app because it can only make your music louder and you would only want to use it for parties or big events, not just at home wanting to listen to music. AmpMe is available on Samsung, Android, and Apple.


The rating is 4.4 stars and there are lots of good reviews and bad reviews. I would give it 3 out of 5 stars, and wouldn’t recommend getting the app. It has its advantages and disadvantages but overall it was a waste of time and it uses 61.9GB. The app doesn’t always do what it is supposed to do. You also have to have super good wifi for it to work. It takes so long to load even if you have good wifi. I tried using it with wifi, my data and a friends hotspot at the same time and it still was slow.