Neighbors Cafe

Neighbors Cafe in McPherson, KS, September 2018.

Jay Ford

Neighbors Cafe in McPherson, KS, September 2018.

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Neighbors Cafe is a small restaurant, opened by Shelly and Cameron Wiggins in 1997. Though it may not stand out architecturally, it’s certainly become a staple among the town. You can go there in the early morning for breakfast, or nearing noon for a quick lunch followed by a delicious dessert.

Even on a quite busy Saturday morning, they worked very hard to get everyone seated and fed, at one point calling for everyone to recognize the hard work of the people working behind the counter.

The types of food they like to serve is breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can expect the typical American diner themed food if you come to eat here, served the way you would see back in the day. It’s not fast food, but it isn’t high end. Just a classic diner.

You certainly pay a good price for what you get. Most of it is well priced, and you get plenty of food for the price that you pay. The portions are large, the food is well made, and the price is good for the food you’re getting.

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