Pups Mentor


Kaylea Herrman

Pups Mentor flyer

Kaylea Herrman, Managing Editor


Do you enjoy kids? Do you want to make a difference? At the McPherson High School the “Pup Mentors” program will be continued for its second year for helping students at elementary schools.  In this program, the pupp mentor will eat lunch with the little PUPP at least once a week and will also go to a group monthly activity that the big and little PUPP’s participate in. This is all under the direction of Mrs.Moddelmog (EES Counselor) and Mrs. Harlin (MHS English teacher).

Juniors and Seniors are the candidates for this program and all the activities will take place during the school day however, part of the point is for them to connect when they are out of school. Things like basketball games, school programs, or even running into each other at the store are things expected.  The junior or senior will be assigned a PUPP based on their matching personalities or interests. They want the little PUPP to have a positive connection with a great role model and have someone they can look up to and talk to as well.

In 2017 Mrs.Moddelmog saw a need for some sort of mentoring program at Eisenhower Elementary and decided to make this program to help.  Speaking with Mrs.Harlin who also participates in this program, she said: “I like doing this because It’s an awesome feeling to see how excited the little PUPP is around the Big PUPPs. However, overall, I think the older kids get just as much or more out of the program.’’

If this program seems like it is something that would interest you and you meet the requirements stop by room 23 after school and grab an application from Mrs. Harlin.