How Do You Feel About The Dress Code?

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I think that the dress code is okay, except for not being able to wear shirts that show your shoulders. Guys aren’t distracted by shoulders. ”

— Analicia Rocha, freshman

I highly agree with the dress code. ”

— Mr. Gerstner, teacher

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I think the dress code is sexist because girls shouldn’t be restricted to wear certain things just because the school wants them to. ”

— Alexia Vanpelt, freshman

People are still wearing spaghetti straps and booty shorts. I think it’s a waste of time. ”

— Morgan Jones, senior

I think it should be reinforced better.”

— Mrs. Brake, teacher

It would be nice if we didn’t need it, but it serves its purpose. ”

— Mr. Little, teacher

I think it over reacts in some areas.”

— Braden Harms, freshman

I don’t like it, not a lot of people do. One reason I come to school is so I can dress up, that’s not something you do for homeschool.”

— Matie Anderson, junior

I understand why they have it, but it’s sexist, even though they say it’s not. Bermuda shorts are not for everybody. ”

— Bailly Dykes, senior

Some of it makes sense, but some of it is ridiculous. ”

— Trinity Webster, sophomore