The Big Event

The Big Event


Questions: Do you feel like you learned anything during the Big Event?

Do you think that what your goal was during the Big Event actually helped out the community in a positive way?

Tabitha Slechta – “I didn’t learn anything during the Big Event but I do think that I really helped out the community by helping people that were in the Army.”

Savannah Brooks – “One thing that I learned during the Big Event, was how to use a copier. In a way I do feel like I helped out with the community because I was helping teachers print off papers at Washington Elementary School.

Kailla Minier – “I learned a lot about the history of our town. I believe my group helped out a lot and it was great to see the looks on the people’s faces.”

Lillian Peterson-Breeden – “I don’t actually feel like I learned anything really important during the Big Event but I had a lot of fun helping Mrs. Miller’s third grade class with their math problems and reading to them.”