What are Your Plans for Spring Break?

Megan Lulloff and Kyla Hagemann

Oh, well, I’m gonna be playin’ some fortnite. ”

— Adam Elliott

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I was planning on hanging out with Nathan, but he couldn’t come, so I guess track and cheer try outs. ”

— Natalia Mendez

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I am going to Denver, because their gonna tell me if I need surgery or not, and I definitely will need surgery, but it’s totally fine, and it’s Kelcie’s birthday.”

— Lexi Kynaston

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I might go to some parties, and I might just sleep all day.”

— Max Alexander

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I am going to visit a friend that I haven’t seen in a long time, that I used to play soccer with, and I’m going to stay at her house.”

— Lillia Diggs

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Going to the park with my kids, if not it will be a lot of indoor campouts in my basement, with my girls and my baby. My baby meaning my son, not my husband, we’re past that stage.”

— Mrs. Robinson