Building MHS Enchanted Forest

Megan Manning, Editor

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With spring sports getting underway the window for Prom preparations is closing quickly. February 26, 2018 spring sports practice starts along with the first Prom building night. Prom build nights are for MHS juniors and their parents to create this year’s Enchanted Forest theme. If students participate in the prom building nights they will have a chance to have the day off April 6, 2018. However students have to earn their 10 hours to have the day off they will also have to help on their day off. These prom building nights are good opportunity to earn the day off and relax before prom.

Junior Arynn Almquist said, “I think it is good that we have the prom builds because next year the sophomores will have to build it and we can also get a day off from school, even if we have to help set up.” A day off from school always seems to spark interest in students, whether or not they have to do certain chores on their day off, it is still a day away from the MHS.

Emily Smith junior said, “I think we should actually have the day off when we earn our hours for the building nights, after all we did earn the day off.”

Whether or not MHS juniors get the day off they are participating and contributing in creating something that they will possibly be attending.

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