Are Smartphones And Social Media A Problem Today?

Marcel Horstkamp

Websites can offer new opportunities for people with the same interests. For example, for people who love the same video game a chatroom to plan out when to play together and give them the newest information from the game. Websites like this can help you to find friends with the same interests.


Teenagers today just make it hard because they aren’t even interested in meeting new people because they are so focused on social media and their actual friend group. Different classes could help bring more people together. Or administration could change the lunch situation so that all people could have lunch together or if they let juniors leave for lunch that would help some people to meet their friends or new people.


New friendships are often created pretty fast and easy, people just have to get into conversations and get away from social media to open their mind for new people.


If a person out of your friend group has a hard time and you have to make a decision to pick one person, it can destroy the relationship with the whole group. Another way how friend groups fall apart is that people just change interests and hobbies, so you just lose interest in each other.

Summary sentence for how digital world brings us together and apart.


In my eyes teenagers should try to get away from their phones and social media in school to really spend time with your friends and other people. Most of the students go home after school and spend the rest of the day on their phone anyway, and social media and your phones are forever friends and family is something temporary, so better spend as much time as possible with them.