Washington Shutdown

Marcel Horstkamp

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When does a shutdown happens?


   Basically a government shutdown happens if non-essential federal programs close because the government fails to appropriate funds for the project. Usually the congress has to have the funding by the 30th September if this doesn’t work they enact a continuing funding resolution.

   If the government still can’t agree on one they have to force a shutdown. That is the signal for a complete breakdown in the budget process.

  An example for a federal program is that President Trump is building the wall on the U.S Mexican border.


Shutdown 2018


    At midnight on January 20, the government shutdown for almost three days. The Senate wanted to extend this period until the 16th of February but they didn’t get the 60 votes from the Democrats and Republicans they needed.

   The problem they argued about was the immigration law because democrats wants a bill which protects immigrants, if the Congress doesn’t develop a permanent fix, Trump’s program will end the democrats plan (DACA). It is a immigration policy, that allows some individuals who entered the U.S illegal to receive two more years to find a job or or another way to get a legal citizen.

   But even some Republicans voted against his bill because they wanted to pass the permanent budget, instead they extended  until the 8th of February instead of a new resolution which would be expensive.


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