Lillian Peterson-Breeden



At McPherson High School the musical this school year is confirmed to be Hairspray. Rehearsals for Hairspray will begin in December.


The movie Hairspray has 91% rotten tomatoes. Hairspray is about a teenage girl named Tracy Turnblad that has a lot of ambition and is obsessed with The Corny Collins Show. After school each day, her and her best friend both run home to watch the show and fantasize over the guy singer Link Larkin. Tracy tries auditioning for a spot on The Corny Collins Show and succeeds.  


When Abigail Clarence was asked if she knew about the movie Hairspray, she said no. I asked her what she thought the movie was about and she responded with, “It sounds like it has something to do with a hair salon or fashion.”


When I asked Terri Ta if he has seen the movie Hairspray before, Terry says, “I’ve seen the original movie and enjoyed watching it.” When Terry was asked if he thought it was a good choice for this years musical he said, “I wish the school would have picked High School Musical because it has more to do with high school.”


Rachel Janzen, a Junior, says, “Hairspray is a good choice for a Musical this year and I am excited to see who plays the characters.”


Hairspray became a musical in 1988, but in 2007 another Hairspray musical came out with more better quality than the musical in 1988. The musical Hairspray in 1988 has 98% rotten tomatoes, which is 7% higher than the musical in 2007.