Know Your Malls

Lillian Peterson-Breeden

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Central Mall


The Central Mall is located in Salina on 2259 South 9th Street. Salina is about 30 minutes away from McPherson. The Central Mall has four and a half stars. The mall opens at 10:00 am and closes at 9:00pm. Though on Sundays, the mall opens at the same time but closes earlier at 6:00pm. The busiest time during the day is usually between 6:00pm to 9:00pm.


The Salina Central Mall has entertainment areas. There is an aquarium filled with different kinds of fish to look at. There is also a play place for children to play in the food court, so parents can enjoy their meals while their kids play and have fun with friends.


The Central Mall has a movie theater with the most recent movies that come out, it’s only four dollars per person to get a movie ticket. There is a concession stand serving sweets, snacks and drinks. Unlike the movie theater in McPherson, Cinema IV, Salina has more movie theater rooms with more room and seats. The Central Mall movie theater also has more movie choices and is cheaper than Cinema IV.


The places in The Central Mall that you can eat is Imperial Garden Express that serves different kinds of chicken like honey chicken, orange chicken, teriyaki chicken. They also have fried rice, shrimp, beef, a kids meal and chefs special.


Carlos O’Kellys is a mexican food court that serves Grilled Mahi Tacos, El Guapo’s Brisket Tacos, Chicken Tacos, Grilled Taco and Burritos, Fajita, salads, and desserts. They have traditional meals like Enchiladas, Chimichangas, Burrito dinners, etc. There are plenty of drink including water, soda, and liquor.


Brooklyn Boyz Pizzeria serves pizza. You can make your own custom pizza. The most popular pizzas they make is the Cheese Pizza, Pepperoni Italian Pizza (Brooklyn Boyz Supreme), Pepperoni, sausage bacon and ham (Meaty Boyz), Tomato Cucumber Salad, and The Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza.


The Pretzelmaker serves all kinds of pretzels such as a salted pretzel, ranch pretzel, cinnamon sugar pretzel, garlic pretzel, and etc. They even have little bite size pretzels with different varieties. Also, it includes blended drinks, smoothies, and lemonade.


Bath and Body Works sells a variety of perfumes, lotions, candles, shower products, and many other accessories. Some of the accessories include a candle holder, hand sanitizer holders, birthday packs, holiday packs (that usually include a set of perfume lotions, and shower gel).


GameStop is an American video game, consumer electronics, and wireless service retailers. GameStop sells many videos games, consoles, and figurines. You can buy Iphone, Ipads, Ipods, and different electronic devices


Hutchinson Mall


The Hutchinson Mall is located 1500 East 11th Ave, Hutchinson Kansas. The mall is about 15-20 minutes away from McPherson. The mall has a four star rating. The mall opens at 10am and closes at 9pm. On Sundays the mall opens at 12pm. and closes at 6pm.

The mall is most busy around six o’clock on weekends and 2-4 o’clock on week days. Some of the places to eat in the food court is Dairy Queen, Flores Mexican Grill, Orange Julius, and Pretzels and More.

There are around 40 different places in the mall to shop from. Less than the amount in The Central Mall, and Towne East Square Mall.


Town East Square Mall


The Towne East Square Mall is located in Wichita, Kansas. The mall is a two story building and has a total of 125 different stores and restaurants. The mall is located on 7700 East Kellogg, Drive. Wichita is about an hour away from McPherson. The mall is open from 9am to 9pm on Monday – Thursday and Saturday. On Friday the mall opens at 10am and closes at 9pm. On Sunday the mall opens at 10am to 8pm. Usually the most busiest time of the day at the mall, is around six o’clock. The malls rating is a total of 4.2 stars. The Towne East Square Mall now allows service dogs into the mall.


The mall has many different places to shop at to very good prices. With many food courts and places to sit down and eat, it makes the environment great. Unlike the Central mall and Hutchinson Mall, this mall has escalators and an elevator bring you up and down the second and first floor.


In the middle of the mall is a food court facing every direction. Places to eat include Subway, Charleys Philly Steak, Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen, Nori Japan, Dairy Queen/Orange Julius, and Master Wok.


On each side of the mall is the most shopped at store JCPenney (West Side), Sears (North Side), Dillards (East Side), and Von Maur (South Side). Each of those four stores have stairs and escalators leading up to the second floor.