Music in 2017

Kyla Hagemann

    Music has changed very much throughout the years. The genres have escalated, and more and more music has been produced for the ears of the people in the U.S. Music is a very important thing for a lot of people, some depend on music, others listen to it to get them fired up for a sports game, and most just listen to it for fun.

There are many different genres of music. Pop, Hip Hop, Country, Classical, etc. Genres are the categories of music. Without genres, there wouldn’t be any organization of music whatsoever.

People like all kinds of music. Some only like one genre, some like two or three different genres, and a lot of people like them all. Although there might be a few people out there who don’t enjoy the music of the 21st century at all. Which is totally fine, because that might just mean those people like older style music.

Music does a lot for people. For some, music helps them control their emotions, or it might also help them calm down after a bad day. Music can be a great help also for the people who play sports, it helps motivate athletes to play harder and stronger than ever.

Music relates to people’s personalities most of the time. For example, people who listen to very sad music might be sad a lot, people who listen to hardcore rap or hip hop, might be very athletic, or they might be very bad, and fun at the same time. Who knows, but if you take a look around you might realize that music can define people and their personalities.

The 21st century is very into music. There has always been music around, but this year music has really come around to a lot of people in the McPherson High School. Students walk around the hallways with earbuds in their ears, some even listen to their music at their desks while doing work. Music has become very important to a lot of us, and I can not wait to hear what comes next.