Should you go to college?

Should you go to college?

Adian Zimmer, Publisher

      The day that you stepped into the middle school and had the first assembly, you were asked where, not if, you were going to college. Some of us have told the schools that they don’t want to go to college, and then they ask if you plan on dropping out of High School! No, I don’t want to drop out of High School, I just don’t want to go to college. I have a strong opinion on college because of the statistics. There is currently over one trillion in student loans, which is 1/20 of the entire United States outstanding debt put into perspective. We have also ran down the meaning of the bachelor’s degree. There are so many in perspective that a bachelor’s degree fifty years ago is equivalent to a master’s degree today. We also have the thought that right out of school we are going straight to the job were trained for at the highest pay, which is quite the opposite of reality.

     The chance of actually going into the NFL is 2%, that lower than the chance to being mentally gifted. Most of kids out of college don’t even go into the profession they’re trained for, while those that do end up at minimum wage positions. The main reason for this is that as kids we are taught that you have to get A’s in school and be good at sports to be perfect, well reality check, nothing and no one is perfect and we need to be taught to accept that. Do you think you landlord cares that your check was short because of budget cuts, no, all they want is your money to pay their bills.

       One of the worst illusions of the past generation is that they were taught that college was good, work wasn’t, and at the time that statement was true, and that’s where the flood of degrees came from, which is why they want you to go to college. Well another reality check, the government saw this and RAMPED up the cost of student loans, how selfish. One of the biggest killers is that we go for a job we like, and one in high demand in the industry. This is bad because there are 100 other people that think like you rushing to get that same job too.

      The last complaint is that your degree is outdated the day you step into college based on how fast the world moves these days. It would be more efficient to step into the job and learn as you go. The best thing to do is increase your skill base, sure you were hired to print papers, but your boss would love it if you could fix the printer, make the coffee, take out the trash, be a little IT man, you get the point. Applicants are more likely to get the job if they can be list more than the skill they’re looking for. Best thing is to educate yourself, and just work a bunch of small jobs to build up your skills and work your way up the company pyramid.

         So sure, you can go to college and get a shiny plaque that says “Yay! You did it!”, which in reality, it worthless, sure we need more doctors and lawyers, but wait a few years until you know what you’re doing with your life, chances are, you won’t live to regret it. But hey, I’m just a child, what does my opinion matter?