How to mentally prepare for Black Friday

Maggie Leaf, Entertainment Writer

As Thanksgiving rapidly approaches, so does the inevitable capitalistic “holiday” of Black Friday. This is the magical time of year in which extreme couponers, and those moms who have already picked out the perfect Christmas gifts, get to showcase their highly developed department store hunting skills. Now, it’s no surprise that the expansive scope of sales that come of the Friday succeeding Thanksgiving Day appeal to a majority of Americans. But, the crowds, noise, and occasional aggression that come along with it are not always a fan favorite. If you’re like me, the rush of the Black Friday stigma looks amusing from far away, but up close it can seem like a total nightmare. Here, I have prepared tips for homebodies and thrill seekers alike, who love taking advantage of the savings, graciously provided by the extensive number of multi-million dollar companies.


Do your research, first and foremost. This is pretty self-explanatory, but here are some things to keep in mind: What stores carry the things you’re looking for? Are there better prices at one store compared to another in regards to the same item? Whatever the matter, use the time you have beforehand to fully design your strategy before putting your findings into action, which leads me to my next point…


Know your attack plan. Whether you are doing your shopping online from your bed or braving the weather, people, or whatever the conditions may be, a strategic method is always the way to approach these situations. So maybe you have chosen to stay home, consider the possibilities that might prevent you from obtaining the bargains you want. Are there certain sites that only offer deals for a certain period of time? Are you required to have some sort of membership to gain the promotional deals the site is making? And if you are doing your shopping outside of your house, what time do the stores you are planning to go to open/close? When will the biggest rush be that might hinder your chances of buying the things you set out for? Keep these in mind as your organize your schedule.


For those with modest intentions: set a budget. Spend the majority of your day finding things at the top of your list, so you don’t risk the danger of overspending: a common mishap of Black Friday. If you dedicate your budget to the items you want the most, you’ll be more satisfied at the end of the day. Though this is the ideal time for Christmas gift or personal shopping, spending your life’s savings probably isn’t the most sensible thing to do.


It’s okay to be assertive. To clarify, if there’s something you want, go get it. Essentially, that’s what Black Friday is all about, as crass as that sounds. However, being assertive is not to be confused with being aggressive — two completely different things. There are far too many instances in which people are too aggressive, ruining what might’ve been an enjoyable day for those around them.


Finally, be respectful. Do not use the vulnerability of others to your own advantage. Since it is the holidays, be the person that sets an appropriate example for those around you. This also means being mindful of one’s religion, race, etc. No matter what someone celebrates during this time of year, everyone deserves the same respect.