Christmas Is On It’s Way

Kyla Hagemann

The holidays are right around the corner and many people are getting excited. Some might wonder, what are the traditions everyone celebrates around Christmas time? There are many traditions people like to do around the time of Christmas, and these are the top ones.



Presents, that’s one tradition everyone shares. The difference is when people like to open them. Do people open them on Christmas Eve, or on Christmas morning? “It depends on if my parents let me open them on Christmas Eve or not,” said Lillia Diggs, freshman. The opinions on when to open gifts varies, but usually the dates stay between the 24th-25th. It all just depends on whether or not parents allow their kids to open on Christmas Eve or not.

Christmas Trees

Christmas trees. A big tradition for almost all people. The question that is asked most often by people is ‘Do you have a fake or real tree?’ I asked Shelby Yowell, freshman, what kind of tree she prefers, her answer was simple. “Fake, I don’t want bugs in my house.” Which is a good reason, I wouldn’t want bugs in my house either, but there are also many people who like the real “look”.


Traveling is a really popular thing to do during the holiday. Although some people do not get to. “My mom doesn’t let us travel, but you don’t always have to travel to have a fun Christmas.” Lillia Diggs, freshman. Traveling is a good way to see your family after a long time of separation. It also brings families closer together during this important holiday.


There are various selections of Christmas movies, but many people only have one favorite. I asked a student here at McPherson High what their favorite movie was,“I love the movie Home alone because it’s a fun and exciting Christmas movie. It has a lot of twists.” anonymous. I have a lot of favorite Christmas movies myself.


Christmas is a very fun time to get together with family, open presents, travel, put up a tree, and watch some movies. It doesn’t matter how or when people do it, it is in all just a fun holiday.  

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