The House movie review

Maleiah Ewert

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Rating: R

Release: July 6th, 2017

Genre: Comedy

DVD Release: October 10, 2017

Budget: 40 million

The House


Scott and Kate Johnson (Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler) are just two ordinary parents with a daughter going into college.  Once they find out they don’t have enough money in their bank account to support their daughter’s college fund they come up with a plan.  As they were visiting their recent, sad, and divorced friend the three come up with a plan to make an illegal casino.  Kate and Scott get a little over their heads and start getting into some trouble.  They’re being faced with challenges that puts their daughter’s future in jeopardy.  Everyone involved with the casino are in a continuous chase to get back what was theirs.  You’ll be on the edge of your seat and crying tears of laughter during their crazy adventure.