Best places to eat in McPherson

Maggie Leaf, Entertainment Writer

Delish – Delish, being a relatively new restaurant in McPherson, captures the upscale dining feel this town has lacked for a while. With its varying list of entrees, it’s difficult to grow tired of the cuisine they provide. Along with their incredible dishes, the atmosphere is something that would not be expected of “just another shop” on Main Street. The inside is much more spacious than one would gather from just looking at the outside. Their modern ambiance is prominent, though not overbearing, and the acoustics are perfect for having a quiet conversation with just your party. It’s the perfect complement for all of the positive commodities McPherson has to offer.


Main Street Deli – Main Street Deli is for sure a favorite dining spot in this town. Their diverse menu caters to people of all ages and palates. With a list of many sandwiches, soups, and salads, it’s hard to go wrong. And I cannot forget to mention the display case of delectable pies and cheesecakes that are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth, along with an endless range of cookies available. If this didn’t convince you, then maybe the charming little shop at the front of the store will. Filled with eclectic novelties, you’re sure to find a gift for someone, if not yourself. The Main Street Deli is sure to delight your fancy either through their food or the multitude of  amenities available.


The Field House – If you are looking for a sports bar that isn’t a chain and attracts fellow sports fans, The Fieldhouse is the place to go. Their menu is filled with American classics like the reuben, ribs, hearty burgers, build your own pizza, and plenty of appetizers that are as cheesy as they are delicious. With plenty of televisions, showing various games of various sports, it’s sure to lure in those with a craving of competition as well as those who are in need a fine meal of solid quality.


Neighbors Cafe – Neighbor’s cafe can be considered McPherson’s best family breakfast place with the best service in town. Locals, as well as newcomers, are greeted at the door with smiles sure to make your morning. Your cravings are sure to be fulfilled with the plentiful option of bacon, sausage, and eggs, along with the plate-sized pancakes AND cinnamon rolls. Their preferred customers are the “Hungry Neighbors,” so be sure and bring your appetite! It’s coziness provides the small town charm that is so widely loved among the people of McPherson.


JD’s Kwik Burger – Located on West Kansas Avenue, JD’s Kwik Burger doesn’t look like much. But once inside, the cozy hometown feel shines right through. This quaint, little burger joint has been a local McPherson favorite for many years, and it’s easy to see why. Their menu ranges from the most flavorful burgers to entire dinner platters, with as many deep fried sides as you can think of. The hearty meals served here aren’t for everyone, but they are the embodiment of the Midwestern spirit.