Should We Have Advisory Everyday?

Lillian Peterson-Breeden

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Should we have Advisory everyday?


At McPherson High School, there is Advisory on every Monday at the end of the day, during eighth hour. There is only 24 minutes in Advisory every Monday. Would it be better if Advisory was everyday so teachers could have more time to show students their grades and talk about it and for students to also have more time to work on homework , or would it be better to keep Advisory once a week on Monday?


When Grace Stallings was asked if we should have advisory everyday or just keep it how it is now, she said she would rather keep advisory how it is, because if we have advisory everyday instead, mostly people won’t really work on their assignments but instead just talk and goof off a lot.


Audree Holloway was asked the same question and her response was that she doesn’t think we should have advisory everyday because then the days would feel longer and it’s not like anyone would work on anything because they don’t even do that now.


What would you pick? Would you consider having advisory everyday? Perhaps to actually get late work done and help bring up your grade if you needed to. Or would you rather have the same Every Monday advisory?