McPherson Driving

Lillian Peterson-Breeden

McPherson Driving


At McPherson High School a few people were asked about what they think about how high schoolers drive around the school or just in general. Also, they were asked how they might think about McPherson driving. Is McPherson a safer place to drive around than Wichita? Or Kansas City?


When I asked Crystalen Breeden what she thought about the driving in McPherson and is it safer than other towns close by? She replied by saying that the driving in McPherson isn’t bad at all and that she considers McPherson to perhaps be a safer place to drive around, depending on who is on the road at the time.


When I asked Rachel Janzen said said that she thinks that high schoolers can drive a little crazy sometimes, show off, and there have been a lot of accidents recently.


When I asked Bailey Dykes what she thinks about high school driving she says that it depends on who is driving and if they are making right decisions. After asking her that, I asked if she thinks that McPherson would be a safer place to drive around than Salina or Wichita, she said she think McPherson would be more safe.