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How To Jump Into Fall

Megan Grieb, Student

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With September leaving us and taking all the warm weather, it means that Autumn is officially upon us. A lot of people love the Autumn because it’s when they can start breaking out the cozy sweaters and hot chocolate. It’s the time of year of where you can notice the leaves changing, temperature dropping, and the sky getting dark around 6pm. It’s an enjoyable time of year and people cannot get enough of it. So go out wear a scarf and enjoy the crisp cool air.

One of the best ways to get into the spirit is to do some fall-related activities. For example: going to a football game, drinking pumpkin spice lattes, or going to a corn maze. All of these are fun ways to get into the spirit of Autumn. If you don’t like fall for its cold weather, or maybe you just like getting the whole experience, then we have you covered too. Some really fun indoor activities for Autumn are baking a pumpkin pie, watch some Halloween movies, or doing some really fun fall crafts.

Autumn is most noticeable for its colorful leaves and pumpkins. On most decorations for this time of year, you’ll notice that either of them is included in it. So to take a different approach, of just taking and buying the ones you see on the shelves, go and try to make your own it will look so cool and unique. Not to mention nobody else will ever have that exact same one.

Halloween and Thanksgiving are hugely associated with fall although they happen later in the fall season. They are two major holidays that most people celebrate. Halloween is where you can dress up, get a lot of candy, and have a lot of fun with your friends. While Thanksgiving is a time to spend with family and celebrate what you are thankful for.

People find fall a really enjoyable time of year whether your favorite part of fall is the leaves, the holidays, or maybe you just enjoy the cooler weather. So go buy a pumpkin and drink hot chocolate. Autumn is here to stay. 

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How To Jump Into Fall