What Music is to People

Megan Grieb, Journalism 1 Student

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Music can be a lot of things. Music can be used as a stress reliever, something to listen to when you’re bored, or it can be a way to express yourself. A lot of people love listening to music while they work on homework or when they work out because it helps give energy to do the work that they need to do. We all listen to it probably more than we think. For example, in the car driving places, at public places, on phones, it constantly surrounds us.

While some people only listen or sing along, others can create it. Music is one of the only experiences that can be created on silence. It allows people to express themselves in their own way. It can be one of those moments in time where a masterpiece can be created in one second, then the next second it’s gone. Based on a study from 2011-2014, an average of 28.33 million people play instruments. The numbers slightly raise almost every year.

No matter whether you just listen to it in the car, or maybe you love practicing melodies, music will always affect us. Music is something that without it, our world would be very different than what it is today. It can change our emotions and affect our everyday lives. Without it, our all of our lives would probably be a lot duller. I will always be grateful to not live in that world.