MHS XC Meet at Buhler

Kyla Hagemann, staff writer

The Cross Country season is on a roll, there are many strong seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen. Both JV and Varsity performed very strong at Buhler, even on a rough course. Leading the JV team was Mya Kretzer, junior, finishing third with a time of 26:02, not far behind, Hannah Dossett,junior, placed 9th with a time of 31:05, followed by Emma Malm, freshman, placing 21st with a time of 29:19. In result of these strong runners, the JV team got first place at Prairie Hill High School.

The JV boys were very strong also, and took 8th overall. The leading runners at Buhler were, Simon Steinert, junior, who placed 21st with a time of 23:11.6, following Steinert was Riley Shelton,sophomore, with a time of 24:26.8, placing 38th, not far behind Shelton was EJ Kretzer,junior, placing 42nd, with a time of 24:40.7. These boys were light on their feet while running and pushed through the hot and windy day, they are looking to have a great journey ahead of them.

Varsity girls received 6th overall in Buhler. Leading the group was Natalie Hedlund,sophomore, with a time of 23:21.7, placing 17th, following Hedlund was Mary Ann Wurm, junior, with a time of 24:16.9, placing 25th, not far behind Wurm placing 27th, was Katie Bahr,junior, with a time of 25:35.5. The Varsity girls team performed very well in Buhler, and intend to come back even stronger next time.

Varsity boys received 8th overall. Leading this pack was Isaiah Moyer, junior, with a time of 19:21.7, placing 23rd, while Tyler Timpson, senior, not far behind, had a time of 20:00.5. The third boy coming in to cross the finish line for McPherson was Cole Hansen,      senior, with a time of  20:23.1, placing 40th. The Varsity boys had a very strong performance, even on the course provided, and really pushed to the finish.

The McPherson Cross Country team overall had a very great meet, and are looking forward to their McPherson Invitational, on Thursday, September 20th, 2017.