ACT Round 1

Megan Manning, Editor

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Saturday September 9th, McPherson High School students took their first ACT for the year. Many of those students took a ACT prep class provided by the high school as an after school program a few weeks before the ACT test date.

Brock McDaniel said “I plan on taking the ACT at the beginning of junior year so I know what I need to work on and what my strengths are.” This first test is a great way for some of the lower classmen to get a head start on how it works and how important this test is.

Chelsea Stoppel junior said, “I haven’t taken the ACT yet mostly because junior year is where you learn the bulk of your education and I think it’ll be easier to take the test towards the end of junior year.” Because even taking the test for the first time as a senior, taking it at the beginning of the year gives you more opportunities later to take the ACT and not be rushing because you already know what areas you need to pay special attention to and get a better score.

Emily Smith, junior, said, “I would recommend taking the ACT as soon as you can and as many times as you can.” Other than the September date there are only four more chances during the school year to take the ACT, by taking the September students can get a jump start on their college preparation and scholarship opportunities.