New Club at MHS

GSA Network logo

GSA Network logo

Hannah Butler, Web Designer/Editor

    The McPherson High School club fair has returned once again. Many of the original and well known clubs have returned, but a few new clubs are ready to show their faces to the students. The Gay Straight Alliance, also known as the GSA, is one of the clubs that has been newly introduced.

    The GSA wants to bring together people of all genders, sexualities, races, and beliefs to hopefully create a safe and social environment for those who might feel like they don’t fit in. They also want to fight for equality between social and ethnic groups. Some might feel like outcasts and they could feel unsupported by their peers. This club is a step up to hopefully make the school feel more safe and accepting.

    According to the GSA Network, the GSA helps to empower students to stand up for equality and to help prevent bullying by teachers or students. It brings the youth’s voices and visions together to help spread word about the LGBTQ+ movement.

    This club is part of the GSA Network, a national association that organizes these clubs. 900 GSA clubs are connected statewide. Not every single rule will match the network’s guidelines, but many rules will stay the same within the club. The high school club also has ties with McPherson College’s Gay, Straight, or Whatever Club, also known as GLOW.

    The GSA Network also puts together many activities and events for the people involved. Different gatherings like pride marches are conducted. Activist camps and leadership training opportunities are also available to help inspire those who would like to make an impact.

    For more information on the GSA Network and what their goals are, you can visit their website.