Do you think juniors should be able to leave for lunch?

Kailla Minier, Adian Zimmer, Faith Lininger, Sydney Boese, and Trinity Schultheiss

We inquired our fellow classmates here at MHS, and asked: Are you in the thought process that juniors should be able to leave during lunch? Our classmates answers were pretty relatable, and were mainly leaning towards agreement…

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“They should be able to leave because they get better food and they get a break from school.””

— Jordan Whitmer

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“Yes, that is what I think should happen, because in Lindsborg they let you out if you were sixteen, I don’t think it is such a big deal, because you just leave and get food and come back.” ”

— Kayla Stahl

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When I was a junior, it didn’t matter. We had two chances, and we kinda lost them.”

— Kaden Stewart

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Yes juniors should be able to leave, school lunch is not that good and it’s pricey.”

— Dakota Marlett