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School Uniforms- Good or Bad?

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School uniforms. Many schools, especially private schools, use school uniforms. These uniforms usually consist of khaki pants and polos or long skirts that reach the knee for girls. They are usually worn with ties and small cardigans. Many schools believe that uniforms are the answer to student discrimination and dress code issues where as other people believe this is a way to make all students conform.

When student are told what to wear everyday, they lose their sense of style and self expression. Debate and Forensics teach, Aaron Schopper said, “As somebody who went to a Catholic elementary school that had uniforms, I can tell you that they had neither a positive nor a negative effect on the academic situation. Usually people just feel self conscious and uniforms wind up being a financial burden to the families who can’t afford them because they generally are more expensive.”

However, school uniforms do come with some advantages. Avery Mayfield says, “I would prefer uniforms because then you don’t have to worry about picking out an outfit in the morning.” There is also the argument that uniforms keep student focused on their education and not their clothing. Another thing is that uniforms help create school pride and student body membership.

School uniforms don’t play a huge role in academic success or social life. So maybe schools should focus less on pushing these dress code laws and focus more on the academic side of school.

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School Uniforms- Good or Bad?