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Do We Still Need Libraries?

Ashley Moore

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Ashley Moore
Libraries have been around for awhile, about 5,000 years already.  They have helped people learn, you can discover new things everytime you go. They hold so many treasures people have yet to learn, and astounding amounts of information. Libraries themselves can sometimes feel like magical places.  

Now that technology is advancing you can get books on your smart phones, tablets, ipods, and laptops. For this reason more and more people are beginning to throw out their library cards and start purchasing books online instead. Purchasing a book on a device may be more convenient for some people, it is easier to carry around a tablet or a phone rather than a bulky book. So why would we still need libraries?

I believe that libraries are a very important part of everyone’s community. Yes, there are new and improved ways to check out books, but not everyone has access to those benefits. Some libraries have websites or apps that you can download onto your devices that let you check out a book from their library.

A perk of going to a library is that you get the stability of human interaction. If you need help finding a book on a certain topic there are librarians that can help point you in the right direction.

Even though technology is advancing, libraries still hold a very special place when it comes to  interacting with the people in  your community. They are a great place to meet new friends that share similar interests with you, or go and enjoy with the ones you already have.

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Do We Still Need Libraries?