After Prom

Megan Manning, Staff Writer

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    For the first time ever on Saturday April 8th, 2017 MHS Prom was held at Perkins. Several attendees ate before prom and then headed to the dance where there was dancing and more food. After prom was held at the McPherson High School in the auxiliary gym.

     Junior Bailey Yarborough said “Perkins was too small, crowded and hot.” Many compared it to the roundhouse where there was more space. However, having it at Perkins provided different types of food, “Perkins catered for prom and it was really good.”

    This years prom theme was the Great Gatsby. For the senior class prom is one of the last events for them and is also one of the few formal dances at the high school.  

   Emily Smith sophomore said “Even though I am sophomore and never been to a Prom in the roundhouse, I still thought everything went very well at Perkins, it was really fun. Even if you don’t like school dances or that sort of thing it was still fun to go and dance with your friends because everyone was doing their own thing having a good time.”

   Gracie Archer, also a junior, said “Having Prom at Perkins surprised me, everyone was complaining at first, but I thought it went really well. It was a lot of fun, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and have a good time.” Despite the misconceptions of having prom at Perkins majority enjoyed Prom 2K17.