Musical Arts goes to State

Katelyn Martin

Every year McPherson High School goes to contest to show their amazing skills. This year, they will be attending Small Ensemble Contest in Great Bend, and State Large Group in Smoky Valley on April twelfth.

Many of the students are very excited, such as Andre Patton, a freshman at MHS and Men’s Ensemble member said, “Yeah, I’m excited. We’ve been working really hard for this and now we have our confidence so we sound really good.” To the choir kids, this is a chance to prove how amazing McPherson High School is. Drake Langshaw, a sophomore at MHS and part of Mixed Ensemble said, “I’m pretty excited, we finally get to finish the stuff we’ve been working on and we sound pretty good.” The choir recently got high ratings at Worldstrides contest in Chicago. The Select Women’s Choir received a one rating, the Women’s Choir received a one rating, the Men’s Choir received a two rating.

Along with the choir, band will also be performing at contest.  Macye Williams, a junior at MHS said, “Yes, I’m really excited because McPherson is really good at this stuff.” Also, senior Joe Cox, a saxophone player, says “Sure, I’m excited because I get to play an instrument, and we’re playing Lorde of The Rings.” Freshman Kade Goss is very excited to be performing, “Yes, I am very excited because I like kicking people’s butts and getting ones!”