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Preparing For The ACT

Megan Manning, Staff Writer

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   A student’s college education and career is influenced by their ACT scores and GPA. College scholarships can range from a couple thousand dollars to free tuition. Cloud County Community College offers free tuition for students who score a 26 on their ACT and have an accumulative GPA of 3.5. KU offers different levels of scholarships as well. If a student scores a 24 on their ACT they can get $4,000, although if they score a 32 they can receive $20,000.

   Now students who walk in and just take the test don’t usually do that well because they have not prepared or studied for the test. Therefore there are several prep classes and practice tests available to students to enroll in before the big test.

   Students can take a prep class at the McPherson High school for $50 to take practice tests and learn better test taking skills in areas such as math, science, reading and english. Classes start right after school and are for one hour as well as evening sessions from 6:30 to 9:00.

   Not only does the highschool provide prep classes, students registering online for the ACT also have access to several other practice tests and tutoring type sessions. There are three different test preps you can take after registering online. After registering students sometimes don’t have the money for the online classes which start at $150, however the Kansas State Library has free practice tests for math, science, reading and english. All students have to do is create an account, which is also free, and start testing. There are four different test within each subject in order to have a variety of questions and problems.


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Preparing For The ACT