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New Year, New Movies

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If there’s one thing America can count on in 2017, it’s entertainment. 2016 proved to be a great year for movies. It came with long anticipated sequels like “Finding Dory,” and “Rouge One: Star Wars.” Both movies were very successful, with “Finding Dory” bringing in over 1 billion dollars for its worldwide box office alone. Marvel Entertainment triumphed in 2016 with releases of “Deadpool,” “Captain America: Civil War,” “X-Men Apocalypse,” and “Doctor Strange.” “Captain America: Civil War” being the number one movie for revenue earning $1,151,684,349 for its worldwide box office.

    Now, in 2017, expectations are still high. Marvel Studios has announced the release of “Thor: Ragnarok,” “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” and “Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2.” Disney Productions is expecting some major releases as well this year. The former animated Disney film, “Beauty and the Beast,” has been adapted as into a live-action movie, starring Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast. “Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” is also expected to premiere in May. Another major movie studio, DC Entertainment, announced its release of its comic adaptation of “Wonder Woman” in June. The announcement also coincides with its other major 2017 movie, “Justice League,” which is set to debut in November.

    Netflix also has its fair share of newly-added television shows and movies coming this year. The classics being added to Netflix in early 2017 include “E.T the Extraterrestrial,” and “V for Vendetta.” Although Netflix has been known recently for its success of original series like “Stranger Things,” and “Orange is The New Black,” they also produce original movies. The “Siege of Jadotville,” and “The Fundamentals of Caring,” are both Netflix original movies added in 2016 that had great feedback. This year Netflix is coming out with “Deathnote,” based on the popular manga series.

    Even after the close of 2017, 2018 has a lot to offer in the movie department as well. With sneak peeks of “Aquaman,” “The Flash,” and even “The Incredibles 2,” being just a couple of the highly anticipated movies for 2018, the full list is bound to be even more impressive.


Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales- Set to release May 26, 2017

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New Year, New Movies