Operation Christmas Child


Megan Manning, Editor

 On Friday, November 18th, McPherson High School’s KAY’s club will be packing boxes of goodies for Operation Christmas Child. Each year KAY’s volunteers to help with this project. They pack up gifts such as clothing, school supplies, and even toys. Then these boxes are sent to children in need. Not only do the children benefit from this, KAY’s members do too. Club members know they are helping children who need it, while putting in some volunteer hours at the same time.

    “I participated in Operation Christmas last year and believe it’s quite a simple, yet beneficial project for KAY club,” said junior Brianna Bradley, “Last year, I brought items and also helped pack the several toys, school supplies, and clothing accessories inside boxes. These gift-filled boxes are then sent off to children in need. This year, KAY volunteered to help out with this again!”

    Not only is the high school collecting boxes, but the City Fellowship Church in McPherson, along with many other churches in Kansas are helping too. All of these gift-filled care packages will be sent out worldwide to help the less fortunate kids have some Christmas cheer as well.  

  Once the December 21st deadline has passed, toys can still be donated to the Toy Run.