The Timeline of Halloween


timeline of halloween     


16’s –On October 31st the Pre-Christian Celtic Festival of Samhain was celebrated. The Christians celebrated a day devoted to honoring the dead.

800’s – Christianity spread into Celtic lands. As people went to the Celtic lands they took their religion along with them and influenced the people there.

1000’s– The church made November 2nd all Saint’s Day to honor the dead

1800’s – Kids began dressing up as Fawkes and begging for pennies. On November 5th people honored the Gunpowder Plot in 1605 by going around and saying “Pennies for the Guy”. The pennies were given to him to buy fireworks so he could blow up the parliament. Then in 1606 Fawkes was executed.

1840’s – Halloween was popularized when people fleeing Ireland came to America and taught the Americans their traditions.

1920’s – Pranks became very popular with the Halloween celebrations.

1929 – 1939– During the Great Depression the pranks begin to become vandalism acts.

World War 2– Halloween had to be held off because of sugar rationing.