What are Your Halloween Plans?

See how our students are spending their Halloween!

We asked 10 MHS students what they’re doing for Halloween, here’s what they said:


Paige Gunter 9th: “Walking my brother around town in his costume.”


Bethany Howard 9th: “I’m going to Missouri and hanging out with friends.”


Drake Langshaw 10th: “Probably just have a scary movie marathon.”


Leany Bauman (Student Teacher): “My Halloween plans are to stay inside and avoid the clowns and watch Hocus Pocus.


Christopher Malay 9th: “My Halloween plans are to hang out with friends and just watch some scary movies and if we feel like it, scare some kids and get a bunch of candy.”


Jordan Moll 12th: “I plan n going to a Halloween party at one of my best friend’s house. It’s it’s like an annual tradition that we go there. It started two years ago, this will be the third year.”


Belle 9th: “Stay home and watch scary movies.”


Jonah Clarke 9th: “Treat-or-Treating”


Megan Wiens 12th: “I’m going to a Halloween party. It’s a really fun Halloween party, I think it’s going to be…I will be there with most of my favorite people, some of them not so much. It’s going to be really fun there’s going to be a lot of scary movies, a fog machine, and hopefully there will be a lot of clown costumes.”


Alexia Toler 9th: “For the Halloween weekend I plan to go to a scary Halloween party.”