Benefits of giving


Brianna Bradley

   I recently watched an inspiring speech on a TED talk, in which Abigail Marsh discussed why some people are more altruistic than others. After watching the video, I really pondered on her opinion. Marsh examined and interviewed many people as to why they believed they had this trait. She came to the conclusion that these people are selfless and they believe not one person deserves their compassion more than another.

   In my opinion, having an altruistic trait is a feature that would make the world more united. People would start to care more for one another, and refrain from an egotistical mindset.

   Clubs offer new opportunities for entering freshmen, so don’t be unconfident to join them. Until joining, you may not take realization of the significance of volunteering. There are endless benefits to joining clubs, and they can shape you to be a positive leader in your community.  

   Although apparent, a result of service work is you easily become social with many different people. You create friendships with many, and begin to enjoy service work throughout your community. Often times if you have a friend participating in activities with you it’s even more enjoyable! Becoming socially diverse, developing friendships, and even stepping outside your comfort zone are only a few of the impacting results of volunteering.

   Over time, you will gain confidence and also feel accomplished with the time you have given to others. Nothing can replace that time you’ve spent volunteering. As a result of courage, you will find that you have enough to lead and teach others. Leadership skills are important in life and are attained from volunteering. Once you naturally begin to dedicate your time to others, you start to think less of yourself and more about others. Lastly, and most importantly, you may see how much purpose you have. The reaction on others’ faces will show you that you can make an impact on the world, and that your purpose is infinite.

   While participating in clubs, you not only get to help in your school, but in your community as well. When there is a home football game on Friday, KAY members participate in face painting and accepts free-will donations. This is an example of giving back to our community, and in result, that money is used for another KAY project for the community. It’s a chain reaction of change throughout the community. 


  My favorite part about giving my ideas and being a part of clubs is that I felt more than just a member. They often resemble a family. A united family that makes a difference throughout the community. There is no better way to participate in impactful service than with people that you can connect with.

   When clubs organize a service project for a day they do more than just serving their community.  They positively affect the people they’ve helped and gain results. The one person you affected today may turn around and show kindness to someone else. This continues on, and it’s a domino affect of compassion.

   So my word to you is to volunteer by serving your family, friends, school, and community. Volunteering will eventually become an opportunity and less of a task.  Knowing you have the opportunity to support your community is something that only you can act upon. Volunteering is truly a growing experience that is waiting for you to discover it. You can to lead for the better and also show people that volunteering is not only enjoyable but also the right thing to do. If people don’t unite and help one another, who will?