New Staff Member: Melanie Mann

Taylor Boesker, Brianna Bradley, and Hannah Butler

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Ms. Mann

Taylor Boesker
Ms. Mann

What school did you attend in order to become a teacher, and how long did you attend?

Kansas Wesleyan University. Four and a half years, including student teaching.


How long have you been teaching?

“This is my second year.”


What do you like about McPherson High School?

“I like the size of the high school and the size of the town.”


What challenges have you experienced while at McPherson High School?  

“When you don’t know how a group performs yet, music be hard. You have to do a lot of guesswork.”


Do you like teaching a particular age group?  

“Middle school and high school is probably my favorite.”


 What do you plan to accomplish by the end of the school year?

“I just want the students to grow a greater appreciation for music, and I want everyone to play well.”

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