Mark Malaby

Taylor Boesker, Brianna Bradley, and Hannah Butler

Mr. Malaby

Mr. Malaby

What school did you attend in order to become a teacher, and how long did you attend?

“I have a doctorate from Oklahoma State.  [I attended for] 13 years. I loved it further up I got.”

How long have you been teaching?

“25 years.”

What do you like about McPherson High School? If you have taught at another school, do you like McPherson High School more?

“I like a lot. Kids are cooperative which makes it an easier job. People are supportive. Kind of a win win. “

What challenges have you experienced while at McPherson High School?  

“I promised myself I would ride my bike to school everyday of the year. Sticking to that promise is probably the biggest challenge so far.”

Do you like teaching a particular age group?  

“Just older kids. I taught elementary and pre-K briefly and hated every second, I’m much happier teaching people who can hold a conversation.”

What do you plan to accomplish by the end of the school year?

“Plan to ride my bike every day! I will have helped some students through some tough spots, I believe that would be a good year.”