Hot off the Hallway–What do you think of the New Bell Schedule?

Students and Staff at McPherson High School were asked the following question:

What do you think of the new bell schedule?

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Personally I don’t care for the new bell schedule because I still have students at the middle school and the elementary school and it makes it more difficult for dropoff and pickup. However I am getting used to it and I am sure we will adjust accordingly with our family. But I’m not gonna lie I do like leaving the building before 3:45, and I don’t like getting up earlier even ten minutes.”

— Ms.Pyle

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I like it. Getting out earlier helps the custodians get into the classrooms earlier. We like it.”

— Mr.Tschudin

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Yes because school gets out earlier, but I never know when class is over”

— Hannah Kirchner

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I don’t really like the new schedule. I just got last years bell schedule down, so it made it super confusing.”

— James Parker

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You get out earlier but I’m kinda looking at is the 6th and 7th hour classes if those kids have any energy left. We won’t need as many subs in the building as last year. When we have the time change here in another month or so you guys are gonna be coming into school when it’s dark”

— John Lujano