Batman Vs Superman: A mess in the making

Rece Reiman, Journalism 1 Student.

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Batman versus Superman, a rivalry that has comic book lovers on the edge of their seat with excitement. The movie is coming out very soon, but some people are already disappointed by what they see from the trailers. This is going to be an overlook on the trailers so far, and what people expect from this film. This will show whether this movie is worth all the excitement or not.

So for a long time comic book lovers have always dreamed of the idea of a Superman vs Batman movie. There have been comic book stories and series where the caped crusader and the dark knight duke it out. So why have these two trailers for this movie made most comic book lovers roll their eyes in disgust. Well first off the first trailer was very good. It had the structure that a good trailer should have. Suspense mixed in with a little bit of action, but not too much action, so that the trailer wouldn’t spoil the movie for you. Now take all those away, and what you get pretty much is the second trailer. Way too hyped up on the Batman Vs Superman story, but then they throw in Wonder Woman and Doomsday as a side note I guess? This makes no sense if the main conflict is Batman vs Superman. The trailer revealed way too much about the film with the reveal of these characters. For comparison look at the movie Spider Man 3. It has way too many main characters for us to focus on. There are three villains in that film, three! A good movie has one or two main villains that are on the same side that we can think of as truly villainous and evil. A good example of this is Darth Vader, and Emperor Palpatine from the Star Wars saga. These were two good villains in the original trilogy that actually came off as evil and had some good back story behind them. Like Darth Vader being a jedi knight who fell to the dark side in a tale of tragedy. We could get behind these characters and like them just as much as the heros in the story. So what we have so far in this movie is way too many main characters in a film that should revolve around two main characters duking it out.

So the general rating of this film in my opinion? Would not see, no way would I go see this! It looks like a mess, and a sloppy job at telling a good story. The idea of a hero versus hero kind of movie is a great idea don’t get me wrong, but the way they do this is totally stupid! If it’s Batman vs Superman it should just be Batman vs Superman, not Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman vs Doomsday. You waste two good characters at the end for no real reason. So what we can tell from this so far is that it is a mess, and is not worth the cost of tickets. In my opinion don’t waste your money on this bad film

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