It’s Time to Say TTYL to Texting and Driving

Megan Wiens, Staff

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Communication is crucial to everyday life. Although, it wouldn’t be so crucial if you weren’t alive. Since its introduction into modern society in the early 2000s, the convenient mobile device known as a cell phone has been a factor in taking the lives of many people. This device has been a part of an epidemic known as distracted driving. Sending texts, or dialing a number while behind the wheel may seem like a harmless, quick task, but it can turn deadly. According to The National Safety Council, an estimated 341,000 crashes took place involving texting in 2013 alone. Even more shocking, an estimated 1.1 million crashes were reported to have involved cellular devices.

The saying texting and driving kills could not been more true. Auto vehicle crashes in the United States are the number one leading cause of death of teenagers aged 12-19. The statistics are astounding. In recent years 3,328 people were killed in a result of distracted driving. That’s more than nine people a day.

Often ads and statistics to prevent the use of a cell phone use while driving are directed toward teenagers and young adults. However, new studies from the The Washington Post have shown that adults have their fair share of cellphone use. 48% of young drivers said they have seen their parents drive while talking on a cell phone. In addition 27% of adults say they have sent text messages while driving. This goes to show that both young and old alike face the temptation and danger of distracted danger.

The nation now faces a problem. Stricter laws banning the use of phones during driving have been passed. These laws, however, are state made. 39 states prohibit all drivers from sending text messages. On the other hand, only 10 states prohibit the use of hand-held cellphones. Other methods to cut down on the habit include apps like Drive Mode that turns your speech into a text message. Drive Cams are also being used by parents to monitor their child’s activity while driving. Although helpful, these ways are never completely effective in stopping distracted driving.

It’s time for this epidemic to stop. No more lives should be taken by cell phone use. Educate yourself and others on the dangers of texting and driving. Take the the pledge to be free from cell phones while behind the wheel.

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