Student Celebrates First Wrestling Win

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Megan Wiens , Staff

    Seth Spainhour, a senior at McPherson High School, celebrated his first win at a wrestling match Saturday, November 14th. Spainhour was competing against a Newton student when he pinned his opponent long enough to win. Spainhour, who has been in the wrestling program for four years, described the moment as a “rush.”

     “It was crazy because after I won, the whole crowd just went wild. It made me happy to see my teammates acting so insane, and so happy to see me win,” he said.

    Spainhour’s coach, teammates and friends crowded around to congratulate him on his win. Everyone was celebrating while giving high fives and pats on the back. Spainhour immediately went to hug his coach. He later admitted he couldn’t have done this alone, and contributed his win, and participation in the sport, to his coach and teammates who have helped him along the way.

     “If I didn’t have a good coach, and good teammates I wouldn’t wrestle because they are an amazing support,” Spainhour said. Spainhour’s mother and grandmother were in the audience and were in tears after seeing him capture his first win.

    “My family means a lot in my wrestling because they really support me. It was nice to see my mom and grandma so happy,” he said.

    As a freshman, Spainhour managed the team, and then later joined as an athlete his sophomore year. Since then, Spainhour has been dedicated to the wrestling program, even winning the 2015 Legitimate Tough Guy Award at UNK’s Gold Wrestling Camp.

    “Wrestling has taught me many values, including hard work. It’s taught me that everything comes with a price, and nothing is just handed to you,” Spainhour said.