How to Wrap Presents

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How to Wrap Presents

Anna Southward and Andrea Dunham

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During the Holidays we tend to scramble around for time to wrap gifts well. Here is a tutorial on how to achieve the perfect wrapping for a box.

Step 1.)

DSCN2067 (1)

Gather Your Materials. Scissors, Tape, Wrapping paper, and a bow

Step 2.)


Measure out How much wrapping paper you need, then take one side and tape on the top, Do this to the other Side.

Step 3.)


Cut off any access wrapping paper off the sides.

Step 4.)


Once both sides are done get your tape.

Step 5.)


Take the top Flap and fold it down the utmost with out tearing, then tape it down.

Step 6.)


Fold wings into the center, and tape down.

Step 7.)


This is what it looks like once finished, Repeat steps for other sides (Ignore the cat in the corner)

Step 8.)


This is your Finished Product.

Step 9.)


Add Any sort of Decals or decor to your box and put it under the tree!