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Chloe Jones

Guns are among one of the most feared objects in the world, but why? Maybe because we don’t know about them? I believe that every child should learn about guns and how to use them. Is it not better to know what it is and how to use it properly, then to have them find one and not know what it is and get hurt? If we teach kids that guns are a tool for sport, and self defense, we can help prevent crimes in neighborhoods. The best thing to do is to teach your child at a young age that guns are for self defense, and when they reach an acceptable age, how to use one.

Even if you are totally against children knowing about guns, hear me out. Think of it like this. Your kid walks home every day after school because you work until 4:30. Then, one day somebody notices and keeps track of all the days that your child gets home and you aren’t there. After about a month, this person breaks into your house and tries to kidnap your child. This happens to children all over America and it is one of the many reasons that I think children should be educated about guns… The right way.

In some homes, the parents teach their children that guns are a dangerous tool that will kill you. The following story is an example of how that can be very wrong. One day, a man left his gun on the porch all day to see if it would kill somebody. The mailman came and surprisingly, was not shot by the gun. Later on, a girl scout came to sell cookies and the gun, once again, did not shoot her. This gun had the chance to shoot someone all day and didn’t fire one round. Just like the knives didn’t stab anybody, the stove didn’t burn anybody, and the gun didn’t shoot anybody.

At the end of the day, guns are not as violent as people can make them out to be. People who choose to fire them at others are the ones at fault, not guns.

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Do you think that kids should be taught about guns and how to use them?

Do you know how to use a gun and if so, for what purpose?