CTE Classes at MHS

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CTE Classes at MHS

Paige Houchen, Journalism 1 Student

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Each year, students at McPherson High School get the chance to pick their classes, some of them being CTE (Career Technical Education) classes that are designed to help students learn and prepare for a career that they may be interested in. To learn about different CTE classes, the section feature will be covering different classes each week.

“Career and Technical Education courses allow students the opportunity to explore different career pathways. Hopefully the students find a CTE pathway that they are excited to learn about and want to pursue a career in,” said assistant principal, Bryce McFarland.

Where would we be without medical caretakers? In the ground, that’s where. Doctors have to start their training somewhere, and that place can be high school. Health Science I is a full year, one credit course offered to grades 9-12, and is the prerequisite for Health Science II. Health Science II is also a full year, one credit course. 

Health Science I and II are introductory courses to help prepare students going into careers of caring for patients admitted into hospitals and how to treat them ethically. Hands-on projects, researching and leadership skills are common practices of the classroom. Students are to learn medical terminology for fields such as nursing and therapy. Health Science I is learning about potential career fields under the health science umbrella, as well as basic body structure. Health Science II is currently learning terminology and proper hygiene etiquette, as well as the history of medicine and how it relates to modern medicine. 

“The knowledge and skills that students are learning is preparing them to become certified HHA’s, CNA’s, and CMA’s before they graduate from MHS,” said Bryce McFarland. “We are currently looking at expanding the Heath Science course offerings to possibly include physical therapy and sports medicine.”

This class is a suggested course to take for those wanting to go into medical/health care careers.

“I do think the class is preparing students in an introductory way for a career in health care,” said Cheryl Fast, the Health Science II teacher.

“I think the class is not a functioning one. We may get some work done, and we may cover some of the information we’re supposed to, but the class isn’t really helping me with the career I want to go into,” said an anonymous student taking Health Science II. “I don’t necessarily recommend the course unless you are very dedicated to going into nursing.”

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