CTE Classes at MHS

Prep. For College, Work, and Family

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CTE Classes at MHS

Molly Strickler

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Each year, students at McPherson High School get the chance to pick their classes,  some of them being CTE (Career Technical Education) classes that are designed to help students learn and prepare for a career that they may be interested in. To learn about different CTE classes, the feature section will be covering different classes each week.

Every student has either had the dreaded  “Real Care Baby” or has heard horror stories from scarred upperclassmen.  The baby isn’t just to scare us, it also teaches a very important lesson.

“ I got a head drop in class and everybody looked at me, and it woke up a lot at night, but it does teach a good lesson,” sophomore Sidney Johnson said.

Prep For College, Work and Family is for students who want to develop skills and strategies that will help you to become more focused and productive individuals. The course focuses on goal setting, decision making, time, stress, and energy management.

In the class students will also study personality, values, partner selection, personal and family relationships, finances, explore career paths and create a career portfolio.

“I learned a lot of important things in the class that I didn’t know, like shaken baby syndrome,” sophomore Taylor Johnson said.

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