Fantasy Clashes With the Modern World

Julia Eilert, Writer

the-darkest-part-of-the-forest-holly-black-uk   Fantasy meets folklore in The Darkest Part of the Forest, by Holly Black. Two worlds that interacted peacefully and followed the rules thrived in each other’s presence. However, the tranquility is just an illusion. The comfort and familiarity come crashing down, dragging each other with the other. Holly Black captures the stark differences flawlessly, her writing style complementing the other-worldly feelings in the setting. A place apart from the world, but it still has a place within our society. It truly is a story-book town, but not a Mother Goose story. This takes place in an unedited Grimm Brothers plot, and Black makes sure to make that clear. Everything a fast-paced fantasy story needs, this book has. It’s one of the best, recently-published fantasy books I’ve read in awhile. It’s perfect for any rainy day; pair it with a hot drink, and you’re ready to delve into this illustrious story.